Quality Downhole Tool Manufacturing

Exceptional Quality, Flexibility, and Design Choices: 

As a custom manufacturer of parts and assemblies (mag and nonmag material) for Directional Drilling companies, Rental companies, Mud Motor companies, Electric Line and Wireline companies, Drilling contractors and others, we are fully capable of manufacturing tools designed and sized to meet customer specifications.

Large scale computerized lathes and mills are used in the manufacture of downhole tools as large as 22” OD. In addition, fitfor- purpose milling machines capable of creating spiral or straight troughs allow improved efficiencies and can mill large tools up to 26” OD. All tools are thoroughly inspected before leaving the plant or being placed in inventory. We are API Spec 7-1 Certified with quality control procedures including full dimensional, mag particle, and black light inspections.

Our manufacturing process includes a flexible portfolio of state of- the-art techniques, technologies and system-level support that enable a new generation of tools to be precisely manufactured. This flexibility, in conjunction with our proprietary hard surfacing solutions (StabilBond™) allow customers to optimize tool life for cost and efficiency as well as meet all industry standards and engineering design requirements.

Quality Control…..From Start to Finish: 

API Certification / Quality System

Stabiltec obtained certification to API Spec 7-1 in 2006 and passed our second API audit in 2010 (re-certification is scheduled for 2013), which requires compliance to API Spec Q1 (includes compliance with TS29001 and ISO-9001). All of our business and manufacturing processes are documented and include measurables and targets. We use these measurables to gauge and improve company performance and meet or exceed API and customer requirements.

The Stabiltec Quality Management System includes a licensing agreement with the American Petroleum Institute for manufacturing products in compliance with the product specification and customer satisfaction. Production workers are required to check and document measured tool specifications and our Production Managers, Shop Coordinators, and QC Inspector double-check all work performed to ensure no non-conforming material is shipped to our customers. Inspection tools utilized daily to check and inspect products include but are not limited to:

  • Inside and outside micrometers
  • Height and ring gauges
  • Gagemaker precision mechanical inspection equipment
  • Optical Comparator
API Spec 7-1 Quality System Certification | Downhole Tool Manufacturing



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