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Hardsurface Applications

A significant element in our success is the proprietary method of applying hard surface tungsten materials to meet your specific application. Whether applied to new or refurbished tools, tools last significantly longer, especially in extreme drilling conditions, when coated with StabilBond™ Performance Coatings.

Experienced and highly trained precision welders utilize Oxyacetylene, Mig, Tig, Stick, StabilBond™ (PTA) and our line of proprietary coatings (PermCoat™) for string and mud motor stabilizers. PermCoat™ has been developed over years of extensive testing and field application and has proven to be the most durable stabilizer coating in the industry.

Statistics show that our proprietary PTA process (StabilBond™ PTA), consistently out-performs competitive coatings as well as being competitive with Laser Clad. Although Laser Clad is a high quality coating, StabilBond™ PTA offers comparable performance with the advantage of lower costs and the ability to repair it without removing existing coating.
  • StabilBond™ PTA – This is a specialized PTA process with multiple formulations for specific tools. It is used primarily to hardsurface drilling motor parts such as bent housing, kick pads, bearing housing, sleeve stabilizers, radial bearings and non-mag drill collars.
  • StabilBond™ Wire –A specialized welding process using nickel based tube wire filled with fused tungsten carbide or spherical fused tungsten carbide for hardsurfacing has proven to be very effective as well…increasing wearability in selected applications. The control and ease of Mig welding as opposed to Oxy-Acetylene brazing improves quality and greatly decreases the heat affect zone and overall heat input into parts.
  • StabilBond HardCoat™ – Our quality welding procedure of applying hardmetal to new and used knuckle joints to extend mud motor transmissions life.

Both StabilBond™ (PTA) and StabilBond™ Wire (Mig) welding processes are available with non-magnetic coatings. Stabiltec also offers non-magnetic coatings in the form of Stick, Tig and Oxy- Acetylene tubes and ropes. The versatility of StabilBond™ PTA includes exotic and hard to weld metals and alloys such as Inconel 718 and others.

  • PermCoat™ Premium – Used primarily for hardsurfacing stabilizers. This is our premium coating for stabilizers utilizing a nickel silver matrix with carbide ½ rounds and carbide chips. This is a very durable coating that is completely repairable and has become the coating of choice for numerous stabilizer rental companies.
  • PermCoat™ Lite – Used primarily for hardsurfacing stabilizers. This has the same matrix as the PermCoat™ premium without the ½ rounds.
  • PermCoat™ 1018 – Premium hardsurface coating composed of 1018 composite rod (welding material with carbide chips blended with 1018 welding material). This is a durable which is less expensive than premium coatings and ideal for use on Weld-On blade stabilizers.
  • PermCoat™ CutRite – This hardsurface coating is used for fishing tools and mills to provide a durable and robust hardsurfacing material.
  • PermCoat™ Custom – Our customized hardsurfacing coatings are blended to customer specifications and specific applications.


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