Mudmotor Parts: Bent Housings
Mud Motors create the power and direction that drills directional and horizontal wells. While there are many mud motor designs on the market with multiple power sections available, one area of the tool remains critical, Bit to Bend. Bit to Bend has driven motor companies to design and market various configurations of their motors for certain areas. For instance the Shale market has a demand for a shorter Bit to Bend then some other areas. This is in an effort to complete a well with one motor.

The shorter Bit to Bend creates less side load on the bit as well as less stress on the motor components while rotating the drill string. Perhaps the most distinct benefit to a shorter Bit to Bend is less degree of bend on the housing creating a better build rate. This better build rate than the longer Bit to Bend motors also creates a smoother well bore.

In addition to manufacturing customized parts for numerous motor companies and directional drilling contractors, StabilTorque™ Transmissions and Radial bearings have been proven time and again to out-perform similar tools from other manufacturers.

Bent Housings are manufactured to customer specifications with or w/o Stabiltec's proprietary Stabilbond hard surfacing coatings.


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