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About Stabiltec Downhole Tools

Stabiltec manufactures complete turn-key downhole tools and components for the oil and gas drilling industry. In 2010, Stabiltec started as Gary’s Downhole, a 20 year old company, known for highly reliable wear applications and focused customer service. Acquisitions of Regal Performance, and Shady Oaks machine added product lines and expertise along with enhancing an already strong reputation within the industry. The company has footprints in Parks, Louisiana and Conroe, Texas. Today, we continue that tradition from Gary’s Downhole by servicing the market with quality products and support.

Stabiltec’s current product portfolio includes downhole motor housings, transmissions and bearings, sub connections, crossovers, string and motor stabilizers and we partner with Electric Line Technologies (ElTech), located in Broussard, Louisiana to provide a suite of electronic line mechanicals. We complement our products with exceptional customer service as well as supply chain management to ensure our customers can meet the demands of the market.

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