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Stub Welding – Rotors and Stators

Stabiltec offers rotor and stator repair by Stub-Welding. Arc welding is performed by qualified personnel in accordance with Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS). All welds are stress relieved through controlled heating to ensure a successful stub weld, a Brinell Hardness Test is performed to meet standard requirements.

This defines weld material softness necessary for providing good resistance against fatigue cracking. Stabiltec’s time tested application of providing hardbanding on drill collars and associated drilling tools exceeds the performance of competitive products, frequently in excess of 6 runs. StabilBond™ HB is applied in 1 inch bands around the circumference of the collar at various intervals depending on customer specifications. Various grades and amounts of spherical tungsten carbide are applied utilizing StabilBond™ (PTA) welding depending on the severity of the drilling environment.

Stabiltec employs an automated hardbanding system which results in higher productivity, consistant application and quicker turnaround of customer tools.