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Downhole Tool Repairs & Mud Motor Tool Repairs

Stabiltec is a uniquely structured custom manufacturing company that offers our clients a competitive edge by providing customized manufactured parts, assemblies and product development. In addition, we offer specialized product lines such as Stabiltec transmissions, Performance Coatings, Mud Motor Components as well as E-line / Wireline products and assemblies. 

Our Corporate Headquarters is housed in a 40,000 square foot plant located in Parks, Louisiana, which is in close proximity to Lafayette, Louisiana. In addition, our Repair Facility in Conroe, Texas offers service capabilities of rework and hard metal application.

We offer downhole tool repair services at both facilities that include Fixed Bend Housings pad repair, Stabilizer hard metal replacement, reworking of connections, turning OD’s, stub welding of Rotors and Stators, hard-banding of non-mag drill collars, and more!

Our true strength is our ability to collaborate and embrace customer objectives as our own, create unique and tested designs and then build cost efficient tools that meet our customers most critical engineering and financial parameters. We provide precision welding and proprietary application of hardmetal to various drilling tools and components that greatly extend the life of the products.

Our repairs comes with exceptional customer service to ensure that customers will get what they need, when they need it to satisfy the stringent demand of the Oil & Gas industry.