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Project Profiles for Downhole Directional Tools

Stabiltec provides drilling tools to worldwide locations. Recently Stabiltec was awarded a multi-million dollar job for Petrobras in Brazil. The job was awarded by a major service company and involved providing stabilizers up to 27 綌 OD. The quantities were such that the ongoing project will take approximately 6 months to complete.

Recently Stabiltec was awarded a job for TPAO which is the Turkish Petroleum Oil Company. This award required substantial quantities of sleeve type stabilizers utilizing Stabiltec’s proprietary StabilBond PTA hard metal. Wear test conducted by a major directional drilling company corroborated Stabiltec’s finding that StabilBond PTA utilizing 65% fused spherical tungsten carbide consistently out performs PTA hard metals provided by other companies.

Stabiltec was recently awarded a large project involving an international service company that wanted to rapidly expand its stabilizer fleet. Stabiltec in collaboration with the companies engineering staff was able to custom manufacture a large quantity of tools with specialized hard metal. Stabiltec was able to expedite the order very quickly which allowed the service company to take advantage of new job orders for its rental fleet. With the collaborative effort between Stabiltec and its customer, the orders were filled resulting in the quicker revenue generation for our customer.

Stabiltec was able to utilize its robotic manufacturing capabilities to greatly reduce its cost in the manufacture of specialized transmissions for directional drilling motors. These cost savings were not only passed on to our customers but greatly reduced the cycle time from order to delivery. Keeping available inventory on the shelf for our customers helps eliminates spare parts concerns.

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